Jim Beam

IMG_0410 - CopyTouting its self as “The world’s No. 1 Bourbon,” Jim Beam is certainly ubiquitous in the U.S.
In the bottle, it’s a light reddish brown, and in the glass it’s light yellow. Its scent is mellow and slightly sweet, and its flavor is also mild. It’s not the smoothest liquor, but it also doesn’t burn like a fire. All in all, I think it gives a pretty good idea of what bourbon is about, without any extra flash.

It does leave a bit of a bitter taste on the back of IMG_0413 - Copythe tongue, but it’s not an overpowering flavor that will make you twist your face. After the bitterness fades aways, it leaves a pleasant planty taste, almost like fresh grass. That fades too, and leaves the flavor of the drink’s sweet scent.

On the rock, nothing changes. So if you like it cold, put an ice cube in. If you like it neat, pour it and drink it right away.

JB rock - Copy

Dropped into a glass of Red Stripe for a boilermaker, Jim Beam doesn’t overpower the beer like some other whiskeys do. Its laid back nature allows more of the beer’s flavor to come out, instead of covering it up. The mingled flavor of Jim Beam and beer is complex and interesting, and I think this is how I’ll be drinking mine from now on.