Red Stripe Jamaican Style Lager

This next subject might seem a bit out of place on this blog since it is about spirits, or it might not, since this is only the third subject relevant post in its history. But since I’ll be mixing my next spirit with beer, and beer contains ethanol, I thought to my self “why not review the beer I’m mixing it with?” So here are my thoughts on Red Stripe Jamaican Style Lager.

For a long time, I didn’t know what to make of Red Stripe. I’d never heard of it or seen it in stores, but suddenly I started seeing their ads on TV. Since so often products seem better in ads than they really are in person, I’m always a little wary of a product that has a nice ad. As often as not, when you pay more for something that’s got good ads, you’re paying for the ad, not any extra quality in the product. Red Stripe had fun commercials with happy little jingles and interesting situations, and I thought it was some new corporate beer coming out of nowhere. But then I heard someone say “oh, I remember Red Stripe, it’s pretty good,” and that made me think that maybe it wasn’t just another label on some giant corporation’s same old stuff.

Still, I’m not much of a beer drinker. If I’m on my own I’m much more likely to drink liquor than anything else, so I never sought out Red Stripe. It was only recently when I was at a bar that I sometimes go to that I saw that they’d added Red Stripe to their beer lineup that I gave it a try.

Red Stripe is a pretty run of the mill beer. It’s a medium yellow color, it tastes a little bitter, it tastes a little like grain, it’s a little bit sweet. It’s got more flavor than a lot of “premium” beers, particularly some imports that I don’t think are actually premium in their native lands. Since it costs less than those, I’d say it beats those low end “premium” beers as a good choice to drink. It doesn’t stand out from the pack in any major way, but at less than a dollar a bottle for beer that doesn’t taste like piss water, it makes a pretty good every day beer. Do you really need more than that?