Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Solera Reserve

Glenfiddich’s 15 year old variety (or expression, as whiskey makers call it) comes in a niceBottle.PNG looking reddish brown tube with a cream colored band around the bottom, standing out from the cooler toned green and newer blue of it’s 12 and 14 year old little brothers. Inside, a clear bottle holds a deep, rich brown liquor, that turns reddish when viewed in front of a dark background, and when held up to a light doesn’t yield to yellowness like so many other whiskeys.

Pulling out its cork, Glenfiddich’s Solera Reserve lets out a chorus of fruity odors, including grapes and raisins, with a strong presence of pear. It smells so good that, to tell the truth, I didn’t pour a glass for many minutes, and instead just kept bringing the bottle back to my nose to smell an smell again.

On first opening, it was very very smooth, but didn’t have much flavor. There was a little bit of grain taste, but overall it was very mellow. I added a few drops of water, but that didn’t really bring out any new flavors. After several minutes new smells developed though; bringing my glass up for a sip, I’d find my nose filled with the smell of red berries, and so a new round of sniffing began.

Glenfiddich’s familiar Stag

Whiskey does change a bit after it’s been exposed to air though, so on the second day I had another glass. The flavor was stronger, more grain, and a flavor that I associate with any drink coming from Glenfiddich. The finish had developed into a longlasting almost nutty taste, and if I let the whiskey sit on the back of my tongue I’d pick up the flavor of ethanol. Day two also came with gentle burn on the tongue and lower throat that was just present enough to enjoyed, but nowhere near strong enough to be unpleasant.

The 15 Year Old Solera Reserve is another satisfying single malt from Glenfiddich, and will certainly be a bottle I reach for when I just want to sit down with drink that I intend to enjoy for its own sake.

An explanation of the Solera Vat aging process

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