Blackmaker Prologue

Blackmaker tagAgain on the quest for something new, I decided I needed to try something which I didn’t even know what it was. Looking at the liqueur shelf, I saw a bottle that said rootbeer on it. Honestly, it looked a little dubious, and when I looked down I saw a dubious price as well. At around $10, with cheap looking labels in a cheap looking bottle, it looked like a perfect candidate for something that would taste bad and give me an awful hangover. But I didn’t just want to walk away from it, because rootbeer is my favorite beverage. I lingered a moment, deciding whether to gamble with my ability to function the next day or not, pining for something delicious and familiar that was also new and exciting. Bofore I walked away, I took a look to the right, and there was a different bottle of rootbeer liqueur in a nicer bottle with nicer labels with a nicer [read: higher] price. It seemed I’d have my cake and eat it too, this day.

That second bottle was a nice simple looking one full of deeply dark liquid. It had cream colored matte labels with black ink on them, resembling a relative of The Kraken Rum. In big bold letters it said “Blackmaker,” and had an image of a tree on the label. Around the neck was a piece of rough Blackmaker Tag 2twine with a tag made of the same cream colored paper with three recipes, a list of ingredients, and the expected advertisement story about the supposed originator of this spirit. Those recipes all made use of Pinnacle Vodka (in various flavors,) so I’ll go out on a limb and say that I think that this is made by the same people. Since Pinnacle makes a wide variety of flavored vodkas that taste good and have never left me with a hangover afterward, that association makes me confident about this liqueur.

Opening the bottle and taking a whiff, I’m met with the scent of really really good rootbeer. It’s complex and spicy, with a rich, almost creamy quality. I handed the bottle to a relative, a hardcore teetotaler who just about hates anything alcoholic, and even he seemed ready to take a taste after smelling it. It smells absolutely delicious, and to use a word I never thought I’d use to describe any kind of liquor, appetizing. Come back later this week to find out how it tasted…