Glenfiddich Bourbon Barrel Reserve

TubeI started this blog to share my experiences trying out new kinds of liquor. I wanted to make sure I was trying new things, and really get the most out of them by really paying attention to their scents and flavors. The accountability needed to write about what I drink is something I’m using to make sure I do that. Every once in a while though, something comes along that grabs one’s attention all on its own, and doesn’t need any special encouragement.

I am a fan of Glenfiddich, I typically drink the 12 year old variety, but I was excited to see something new on the shelf in the scotch section. In a blue tube with it’s other siblings is a 14 year old single malt that Glenfiddich calls their Bourbon Barrel Reserve. They say its their take on American whiskey, and it’s available only in the U.S., which is a loss for scotch fans everywhere else.

If I were to describe this whiskey in one word, it would be delicious. And that’s not “delicious” with an asterisk next to it, to be disclaimed by saying that I mean for something that contains alcohol. This stuff tastes plain damn good. It’s dry, smooth, and savory.

I try to be objective through analysis when I write about spirits, but the truth is I’m not going to try here. Too much analysis can make it harder to just enjoy something for its self. Like having a someone explain a joke to you, being told what to expect from this drink in cork sniffing terms wouldn’t add anything to your experience, and might take away from it. Some times, you need to find out for your self why and how something is good, and this is one of those times.

So, I’ll say only this: You should drink Glenfiddich Bourbon Barrel Reserve. If you’ve seen it in the store and were on the fence, get off and buy some. If you haven’t heard of it and this is all news to you, don’t think too much. Go out and find a bottle at your nearest purveyor of fine spirits. I’ll vouch that you won’t regret it.



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